Accounts Payable Recovery Audits

Every year, duplicate invoice payments, missed cash discounts and overlooked allowances cost the government and private sector billions of dollars.

An audit of accounts payable can turn up this previously lost money, unearthing operating capital that can add up to tens of thousands - or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for you!

A Professional Approach

We know that your financial future depends on the relationships that have helped you to grow your business.

The accounting professionals at Value Lanes, Incorporated understand that maintaining your relationships with your business associates is just as valuable to running your business as unearthing lost profits.

Process Improvement

Recovering overpayments is just the first step in making your business more profitable. We not only present you with your long lost money and a record of the audit trail itself - you'll receive a comprehensive report on your accounts payable procedures.

Primary and Secondary Audits

Even if you had accounts payable audit work done in the past, a second recovery audit can often uncover even more missing capital.

There is no initial outlay of cash to start using our services. We perform our services on a percentage of what we recover for you, so contact us today for a free, no-obligation discussion of your needs.

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